What should you know about Single-use plastic bags?

What should you know about Single-use plastic bags?

by sal yosufy on Apr 26, 2021

Single-use plastic bags ruin the environment. They serve just one purpose and are supposed to discarded within minutes. If not properly disposed of, they fill dumpsites, end up in our rivers and oceans, where they cause massive havoc. As a dad to three beautiful babies, I worry that there may be no blue ocean or sandy beaches for my kids to enjoy. There is a need for an alternative to these problematic bags.I found this innovative, multipurpose, reusable, silicone-based food storage gallon bag solves this challenge.

The gallon bag is made from 100 percent plastic-free silicone. I found out that the bags are odourless, flavourless, and made from the highest standard of platinum cured silicone during my usage. The bag is designed with the right functionality and extra features to reduce wastage and is coming from a startup committed to creating reusable household helpers and other consumer products. The bags are also made using the most energy-efficient techniques to minimize wastage and to reduce cost. These bags allow families, like mine, to safely store, cook and transport food while at the same time protecting the environment.

The gallon bags can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees. I used them for making them pot roasts, sous vide, griddling, and baking. I cannot say the same for vinyl or fabric bags. When cooking meats, the bag can be double-sealed, put on a placeholder in the oven, allowing you to get juicy meats every time. No more loss of flavours or get dry beef.The gallon bag is microwave safe, dishwasher safe, oven strong and, fridge friendly. They are also straightforward to clean and last longer than vinyl or fabric bags.

My wife used one of the bags to store her makeup and creams to prevent them from spilling onto her clothes in her suitcase when travelling.I have used the bag to seal my phone and camera to protect them from spillages and sand at the beach.


What are the features of the gallon bag?


  • The gallon bags dimensions are 10.5 by 12 by 2.5 inches (26.67 by 30.48 by 6.35 Centimeters)
  • The bag weighs only 0.78 Pounds (355 Grams) when empty
  • This bag can hold up to 1 Gallon of content (this is About Four Liters)
  • If you are cooking a whole chicken, this bag can hold up to 7 pounds. If you are using the bag for a pot roast, the bag can hold up to 10 pounds.
  • For more comfortable carrying, the bag has built-in handles
  • The bag has a Built-in airtight seal for more extended storage of fresh food
  • This bag can withstand extreme temperatures between negative 71 to 450 degrees
  • The bag can come in any of the available colours, which are:clear, light pink, light lemon yellow, soft baby blue.

What I have experienced during usage?

I must acclaim the bag's ease of use and cleaning. It is much better than vinyl bags.I especially loved the bag's unique design. Other bags I tried prior to getting the gallon bags have had detachable parts that get lost especially when I packed food for my children.I like the way the bag looks and feels. The included handles made it easier for my kids to carry, affirming the pack's multiple user bases. I was really impressed by the bags large size. I used the bag to store an opened pack of chips for longer.I gave one of the bags to a friend who worked in a restaurant kitchen loved the bag so much that he recommended replacing the Ziplock backs at his work with the Gallon bag.

I was really impressed that the bag can be used in a microwave and be cleaned in a dishwasher, something I could never do with their old fabric bags.

I also loved the bags for the multiple usage functionality compared to plastic bags.I mustcomment on the sealing process.t it was the easiest I have ever had to use. Compared to Ziplock bags, the bags have aged well. I feel comfortable using the bags for cooking in high temperatures as they are plastic-free, and there was no chance of ingestion of plastic or other unsafe materials.


Some of the Pros I found


The bags are reusable and eco-friendly as they are 100 percent plastic-free

  • The bag is made from food-safe platinum cured silicone
  • The gallon bag can withstand extreme temperatures and is suitable for freezing and cooking on high heat (either oven and microwave)
  • The bags last longer than vinyl or fabric bags
  • This bag is Disabled friendly as it has braille markings on the edges for use by people with visual disability
  • The bag can be used for so many household tasks, including cooking, freezing, and food storage. I’ve used it for food transportation and other items that require an airtight seal.


The gallon bag is very well made, and I hold no negative opinions as a testament to this.


The gallon bag solves a huge problem that affects the lives of millions of people every day across the world. Pollution due to single-use plastics has become a worldwide concern and should end.If everyone had an alternative container to the single-use plastics, the problem would end. Our oceans are filling up with litter, from Styrofoam cups to plastic bottles and single-use plastic bags.  Fortunately, these bags provide an alternative and improve upon the features of single-use plastic bags. It has multiple features that will be useful for any household. The large size allows for the storage of numerouscereal boxes and other foods to keep them airtight for longer. The bags can be used by people of all ages, including those with visual disabilities. The bag is manufactured using the highest standards to produce an odorless, flavorless, multiple-use container that is long lasting and can be used for various functions.The amount of money I have saved in the long run compared to using single-use plastics is tremendous. If you care about the environment, want a bag that works hassle-free, is large, can be used for multiple functions, and is priced reasonably, look no further than the Gallon Bag.