ITPC Inc. business idea and company concept are rather basic and simple: create and use internet market places for either new or re-defined products, which make an ecologic difference; sustainable products, so to say, which provide for you and me along with other caring consumers efficient options and cost-saving alternative products to the hydro-carbon and plastic based throw-away-economy.

Plastic articles, in particular single use items, are comfortable, easy to handle and to transport and they are “cheap”. As long as crude fossil hydrocarbons are refined to fuel our mobility and feed our hunger for energy, and as long as our taxation systems anywhere in the world do not include compensation for environmental damages and ecologic losses caused by industrial production, we
will always have enough cheap refinery process byproducts to run a petro-chemical industry refining, separating and supplying base components for items we don’t really need for life. Over the years we have developed a rather careless and thoughtless mainstream consumer mentality towards plastics in household and daily life use and so, slowly but unceasing, this has established today’s throw-away-economy. And yes, more or less every one of us is trapped in contradictions from time to time, until our Central Household & Budget Command Center drastically puts an end to it.

And this is the moment, where Innovative Technology Products Corp enters the stage: we want to provide sustainable solutions helping you to avoid putting too much strain on your households’ budget, helping you to exit from that throw-away-economy that you never really liked, helping you to support reusable product solutions in order to save resources and energy, and, helping you to
protect open waters and oceans from contamination with plastic and micro-plastic. This is why our motto “Save the Planet – Avoid Plastic, Use Silicon” is not just a simple eco-slogan trying to advertize and sell another windy product solution.

Our motto indicates something where you, me, everyone can start to make a change: in our daily life, in our daily routines, in our consumption behavior. If you would consider a life span of one of our silicone bags at 4 to 5 years (roughly the equivalent to minimum 500 dishwasher cycles), how much money could you then had spent on plastic freezer bags, plastic food storage containers, styro-foam lunch boxes, coffee-to-go cups etc. during that term? See? You will not just save real money and solid waste, but you will be doing also something good for yourself, for nature, and, for environmental protection at the very same time.

Our part and obligation are simple: provide innovative, sustainable and versatile products of excellent quality at economic rates. And since we concentrate on these essentials, you will see us growing in future; very soon, new reusable  silicone products will perfectly replace present single-use-solutions made of plastic.

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