As for the home kitchen, ITPC Inc. premium quality silicone food storage bags and coffee-tea-soft drink cups work perfectly well in restaurant ecosystems. Wherever freshness and quality matter – and this is the case in any good restaurant – our airtight closing and easy to handle food storage bags can definitely help to clean up and maintain order:

Store your fruit, salad and vegetable most hygienically – as a whole or pre-processed (peeled, sliced, diced, chopped etc.). Do the same with fish and meat, cereals and nuts, pasta and rice, and so on. 

Innovative Silicon Food Storage Bags in different sizes and colors clean up your kitchen shelves and storage or cold store racks; they are frost and heat resistant within the range of deep-freezer and oven, they are also safe with microwave oven and dishwasher and good for sous-vide cooking. 

You are serving your neighborhood with take-away food and soft drinks? You are looking for an eco-friendly packaging solution for your take-away food? Chose from the variety of sizes and colors we have and make them recognizable; we can print your company logo or any other picture on Innovative Bags and Cups, so that you can establish an eco-friendly deposit-return system…

Contact us for individual designs or tailor-made solutions – we are the manufacturer and patent holder.