Reusable silicone bags

Reusable silicone bags

by sal yosufy on Apr 26, 2021

That is money wasting to use plastic bags in this era as the time changes silicone bags replaces plastic bags' position. Silicone bags are the most usable than other plastic bags. Silicone bags provide us with the following benefits

  1. Silicone bags are reusable
  2. Silicone bags are better than plastic bags
  3. Food is saved in silicone bags
  4. Silicone is non-toxic 
  5. Silicone is fire resistance
  6. Silicone bags are safe


The incredible thing about the silicon bags is that they are the most reusable we can use as many times as possible. It is effortless to use silicone bags to wash the silicone bags after using them, and it is ready after the to wash to use it again. We can reuse the silicon bags as much as we want, so it is better to use silicone bags.



Silicone bags are much better than the plastic bags as we know, plastic bags are dangerous to use. According to scientists, when we use plastic bags in the heating process, it usually melts at the most leading ways for cancer. So say goodbye to plastic bags and start using the safest silicone plastic bags. As we know, silicone bags are durable and more environmentally friendly than plastic bags, so it is better to use silicone bags.



The most crucial question pops in our head is that is silicone bags are safe for the food? So the answer is YES. Yes, the food will be safe in silicone bags you should not worry about it because the food is safe in silicone bags. Food is 100% in silicone bags; it is also certified by NSF and FDA after testing the silicones bags.



Silicone bags are non-toxic, and it is made of 100% natural material. It is friendly to your fridge and ovens and did not have toxicity factor-like plastic blags that cause leeching and contaminates the food in plastic foods. Silicone is made up of silica polymers, so it is non-toxic and easy to use.



We mostly use the plastic boxes to heat your food in ovens that can melt and cause diseases, but silicone is fire resistance you can freely use the silicone bags as they are friendly to your ovens and easy to use. Silicone is best for use as they highly fire resistance because they are excellent flame resistance and low smoke toxicity. It is complicated to ignite the silicone bags, so it does not burn because of the non-conductive ash.



Silicone bags are safe to use as they are non-toxic reusable, and food is safer. So it is better to use silicone bags than plastic bags. Silicone bags are the most environmentally friendly. 


Silicone bags are environment friendly, and you can use it as many times as you can want. They are easy to wash and easy to use. The silicone bags have very high melting points to feel relax to use them in ovens and are oven friendly. Silicone bags are insoluble in water. You can use silicone bags to store foods on a long journey. They are reusable and have easy to open and close system .they are most durable and reusable with microwave friendly is also safe for dishwasher and fridge friendly and it strong too to use in the ovens.

  • We can also use silicone bags for storing purpose
  • Silicone bags can be used as instant pots
  • We can also use silicon bags for planting
  • It can be beneficial for a long journey 
  • We can marinate food in silicone bags
  • We can also use the silicone bag to keep the food in the fridge
  • We can also store meat in the refrigerator by putting them in silicone bags

It looks cool to store food in the silicone bags. There are a lot of styles in silicone bags that look cute and amazing in your kitchens. We can also give steam to food by putting them into silicone bags and then heat them. As we know, food becomes tastier when we marinate them with different seasonings to let the food absorb the sauces before cooking in this silicone bags are the best to use in the marinating your food without creating a mess. We can quickly microwave food in silicone bags as there is no danger in leeching chemical into food that is in your silicone bags. We can use silicone bags in travelling to put our necessary needs during travellings like makeup, toothpaste, and others. We can carry silicon bags with us in our daily life to keep daily using products with us. It is beneficial in rainy weather to keep your cell phones in these bags while going out so they can protect your phones.


Product Description

Do you always buy a lot of plastic bags to store your food? How many plastic bags did you throw away? Want to buy a practical, environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags? Our silicone food storage bags can help solve this problem. It is a blue, red and green food storage bag. The size is 175mm * 215mm.

When at home, at work or school, when camping outdoors, the air is completely prevented from getting inside the bag, providing the best protection and many features to entertain snacks and meals with the family A set of 3 of the best reusable silicone food storage bags.

Food preservation

Safe Food Grade Made of silicone, safe for storing fruits, milk or other foods you want to store. Not only for kitchen use, you can also prevent collecting and losing small items outdoors. This bag can be used thousands of times, making it eco-friendly and economical. With this reusable silicone food stockpiling pack, you don't need to stress over anything, simply make the most of your food

Cold resistance

Put foods that are easily damaged in the refrigerator or freezer. This bag can be used in low temperature environments up to -40 ° C. It keeps water, air and bacteria out of the bag, prevents oxidation and keeps food clean and fresh

Easy to use

This bag is heat resistant. It's also safe to use in the dishwasher, microwave and oven. Please note that you remove the plastic lock bar before heating. Otherwise, it is disadvantageous to use the bag.

It is made of lightweight and highly water repellent silicone material, so even if the hood or water spills, it is very easy to clean it by flushing it with flowing water. Or you can just put it in the dishwasher and wash it safely.

This bag is very easy to dry. After cleaning, dry in a top rack with the top facing down. It's very convenient to use. After drying, it can be hung from the upper left hole, so it does not occupy space. It is a design from the bottom of my heart.

    • [Food Grade / Safety] Precautions: Durable and thick silicone is used, and when pressed, both ends become empty and the opening opens. If you put liquid in it, store it carefully. This food storage bag is made of food grade PEVA material and is PVC free, lead free, chlorine free and BPA free. Please use it with confidence.
    • [Zip-lock type] Zip-lock type silicone bag, the material is thick and durable. It's tightly sealed, so don't worry about liquids such as juices and soups leaking out.
    • [Washable and reusable] This food storage bag is environmentally friendly, durable and can be used repeatedly. Great for keeping food fresh. You can reduce the use of disposable plastic bags without wasting food.
    • [Easy to use and convenient to store] Anyone can easily use it by simply opening it, putting food in it, and closing the zipper seal tightly. The translucent design allows you to check the contents immediately. Since it can be folded, it can be easily stored when not in use and does not take up space!
  • [Wide range of applications] A wide variety of sizes can be stored. Size: A-140 * 70 * 170mm + 125 * 65 * 145mm + 115 * 60 * 110mm, B-220 * 145 * 120mm + 200 * 138 * 100mm + 185 * 130 * 80mm, C-195 * 160 * 150mm + 150 * 130 * 75mm Can store sandwiches, snacks, lunches, vegetables, fruits, meat, milk, juices, soups, grains, beans and other foods. It can store not only food storage bags, but also pet supplies, travel supplies, toiletries, soaps, cosmetics, etc.