Innovative Technology Products Corp. is a 2017 start-up enterprise of engineers and scientists, who have committed themselves to utilize their creativity, design and other capacities to develop and /or redefine versatile reusable household helpers and other everyday consumer products.

One of our driving motivations is to promote sustainable and eco-friendly solutions, which contribute to reduce energy production and which provide an acceptable alternative to replace the existing plastic based throw-away-economy.

By bringing such products and solutions to the market at affordable and economic prices we are helping our family and friends, our customers to save money. At the same time, when purchasing our reusable products, the individual consumer is actively and positively responding to challenges of global warming.

Our motto “AVOID PLASTIC – USE SILICONE” is a first step. It is our contribution to protect open ocean waters from plastics pollution. Adopting and supporting it means buying reusable silicone products rather than conventional one-way plastic products; thus, you contribute to and also become part of our community and campaign to “SAVE OUR PLANET”.


When we had started sales of Food Storage and Freezer Bags made from silicone, there were only few sellers on the market: a stylish but expensive US quality supplier from the west coast bay area and a handful of eastern entrepreneurs selling different quality at cheaper prices. Therefore the restless engineering forces of our team decided to develop a new, the “Innovative Bag” design, to invent and give those bags a new closing mechanism and to have the whole lot patent protected before going live on Amazon, the biggest internet market place. That was yesterday.

Today, as you can see, we are in the process to more and more develop our ITPC INC website. This does not mean that we want to leave Amazon or get rid of Google; we simply want to keep our liberty and independence. And we want to provide our own individual platform as an alternative option for all those out there in the rest of this universe, who don’t want to shop at US market giants…

But, these are not our enemies, and so, chances are good for you to also find us there, because our REAL enemy is out there: big, strong, and, standing tall: plastic – or synthetic articles, items, objects, or things produced by the hydro-carbon and /or petro-chemical industry. This enemy is everywhere: in your blood and in your brain, in your washer /drier, your dishwasher and in your freezer, in your shampoo, your make-up and in your tooth paste.

Well, without a microscope, micro-plastic will hard to be found but we all know it is there, as long as feed our washer /drier, our dishwasher with detergents in pods, disks or pacs; the moment we start e-thinking our consumption patterns and re-considering our daily routines, micro-plastic will start disappearing from our blood and brain. And the moment we stop buying throw-away-articles or single-use-items, the Pacific Ocean Garbage Patches (or their brothers and sisters of other oceans) will stop growing.

Some countries, states, or, supra-national organizations, have already adjusted their legislation, respectively. Few states in the U.S. and across Asia have banned littering, while East African countries have banned import, production, distribution, and, use of plastic bags at all; in October 2018, the parliament of the European Union has passed a directive to drastically reduce marine littering by banning single-use-plastics as depicted above by 2021. And these are our guidelines for tomorrow.

Today, as we still are improving our web appearance on all social media channels and internet market places, we also have begun designing the products of tomorrow. Some of them will be made from silicone, others will be made from bamboo; some will replace single-use plastics, others will replace Cumarú, Garapa, Teak, or other tropical hardwood – whichever it will be: our focus will
always be on the small step, the sustainable step, the feasible step, which helps your budget and the environment at the same time.

We have started this because we knew where we wanted to go; come with us and make the world a better place with clean and healthy environments. Let’s go beyond the thoughtless throw-away-economy.