Innovations that Keep on Giving

Innovations that Keep on Giving

by sal yosufy on May 02, 2021

Innovative Technology Products Corp continues to provide us with their health conscious, customer oriented and money saving inventions. Reusable and eco-friendly silicone stretch lid covers are a new, safe and waste eliminating solution for all of our kitchen storage needs. The covers can fit all of the shapes and sizes of jars, bowls and other containers in the kitchen and beyond. It is time to stop wasting money on buying unsafe plastic products, foils and wraps to try and seal the freshness of our families’ foods.  

Innovative Technology Products Corp’s number one priority is their customers’ safety. The plastic free lid covers uphold utmost FDA and LFGB standards. This means your entire family will be using safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic food-grade quality approved product. The silicone lid covers are made from green materials by an eco-friendly manufacturer. They contain NO BPA, lead or harmful chemicals. 

Innovative Technology Products Corp created a solution to increase freshness and quality of their customers’ foods longer. The silicone lid covers are made of safe and stretchy silicone material that provides an easy and an airtight fit to all shapes and sizes of the kitchen containers and more. Tough, wear and tear resistant stretch silicone lid covers are microwave and dishwasher safe. 

Innovative Technology Products Corp has the largest and the most comprehensive sets on their website providing you with 14 lid pieces to cover all of your needs. The sizes range from a 6.5 cm (2.5 inches) to a 24 cm (9.5 inches) wide covers. The lids will seal freshness and keep the liquids leak free anywhere from a wine glass to a large mixing bowl. The clear covers let you see what is inside even in a heavily stacked refrigerator. Every variety pack comes with a dry erase marker for easy labeling, organizing and storing. The variety pack will make your next picnic easy, convenient and spill free, so you can spend more time with your family. Finally, the silicone lid covers are heat (+240 ) and cold (-40 ) resistant and will keep your foods fresh longer for your every day, travel and other needs.

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