For your benefit and convenience, we are using only premium quality products. This means all ITPC Inc. silicone products – with no exception to the rule – are compliant to E.U. (LFGB) and U.S. (FDA) quality standards and requirements in order to protect your health.

To become elastic silicone, raw silicone rubber always has to be cured. This can be done either by peroxide or addition curing. Since all our silicone products provide premium quality standard, the raw rubber polymers are addition-cured with crosslinkers of platinum catalyst systems; fillers are either reinforcing fillers (pyrogenic silica) or non-reinforcing fillers (quartz), which have merely a fill-up function.

None of our conventional or innovative premium silicone products uses additives such as stabilizers, masticating aids, curing accelerators or retarders, organic plasticizers and organic antioxidants; consequently, the finished polymer compound may consist only of polymer and filler.

As a result of the hydrosilylation process, the addition-cured silicone rubber is odor- and flavorless, it demolds very easily and has a dry surface and it does not contain additives. Though extremely flexible, the cured product is strong and durable, giving it a lifetime of 500+ dishwasher cycles or five years+ at proper product care.

This is why our products pass all laboratory material control tests with great ease; also, our products are certified to comply with all FDA and LFGB standards and to fulfill all material conformity requirements therein for food contact. However, we consider our quality assurance as your health protection and to be an ongoing program with our constant supervision and random sample testing.

In essence, we try hard to bring to you the best quality at the best price. Now we want to explain in the following, what you can do keeping your product alive for many years. For your convenience we have printed summarized instructions in an ICON-FORMAT on each and every of our product package cartons.