Helping the environment can make your everyday life easier.

Helping the environment can make your everyday life easier.

by sal yosufy on May 02, 2021

Innovative Technology Products Corp is the leading producer of premium FDA Food Grade silicone reusable bags all over the world.
But here is how they can make our everyday lives easier.
Many of us have seen our hard-earned money being wasted year after year by buying, using, and throwing away plastic zip lock bags. Innovative Technology Products Corp has provided safe and eco-friendly solution to eliminate waste while being in the fore front of helping the environment by reducing the plastic use.
Innovative Technology Products Corp created hassle free, user friendly and easy to clean FDA food grade certified silicone bags. One fundamental feature, it’s not plastic. Their silicone bags are safe, eco-friendly and contain NO BPA, BPF, PVC, phthalates, petroleum or latex.
Innovative Technology Products Corp created these silicone bags with us, their customers, in mind. They are great for cooking, serving, and freezing meals. The resealable airtight zip locks will keep your favorite foods fresh longer and eliminate waste of freezer burned foods. The thick silicone material is leak proof. You are now able to quickly boil rice without having to use an instant pot. You can also make some tender sous vide meat without the bulky equipment. The bags are designed to keep your work lunches and your kids’ school snacks fresh without getting soggy. You can even seal away freshness of fruits and vegetables, store baby foods, or warm up a baby bottle. Innovative Technology Products Corp has created a simple and a hassle-free way of eliminating that endless stack of containers in your kitchen. The silicone bags are microwave and dishwasher safe, so they can easily go from a freezer to a microwave to a dishwasher. They are a great storage solution and easily fit anywhere because of their collapsible bottoms. And, finally, the face of the bags has features like date timer and measurement capacity.
Innovative Technology Products Corp’s new silicone food storage bags are available on the markets. These new bags are completely self-closing which will eliminate plastic use all together and can hold a gallon plus of your favorite foods to cover all your storage needs.
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