How to clean your innovative reusable silicone bags

How to clean your innovative reusable silicone bags

by sal yosufy on Jun 10, 2020

A little about how our bags are made. Our bags are made in a mold under pressure and high heat applied to raw silicone. A large percent of our bags is without any corners or seams. The joints come together on top section we call it the pinch point, where two side comes to a point. The rest of bag body is produced as one piece.

We use the highest standard of silicone on the market to produce our bags. As you can see, we do not have any crazy corners or little hiding spots for food to get stuck and produce mold. As you have experienced with other cheap silicone bags on the market, To be quit frank most sellers on Amazon and other online platforms are selling the same old bags that are produced in a factory far away without ever getting to know or see the bags. They are just reselling something to make a few bucks. That is ok if you like this then we are not the right company for you. We have devoted a lot of time and money to be able to come up with the perfect reusable bag for the environment and our loyal customers. We build to last. Our motto is from our family to yours we mean this. Whatever product we sell we use them at home.


Cleaning and care

Hand wash

You can hand wash our bags with soup and water and then hand dry them with a soft kitchen towel. Another way of cleaning our bags is to hand wash them and turn them inside out for air dry.

Most reusable silicone sellers do not recommend this because they are afraid their bags will come off at the seams. We do not have this problem. We know the quality of our bags and what it can do.

Machine wash

Our bags are dishwasher safe. We have tested our bags up to 500 machine washes at normal cycle. Place your bags in the dishwasher, you can place them right side up or inside out. Whatever way works for you.

Pick a color for different storage needs

We recommend using our color code system. One bag per food item. For meats light pink color bag, for fish light baby blue bag, for breads Light lemon-yellow bag, for vegetables clear bag. Why we have a color code system? Color code system helps to stop strong food odors from sticking to the bags. You do not want to use the bag you just marinated fish to store your breads.

Removing odors from the bags

We recommend using water and vinegar a 50/50 mix and letting the bag sit for a while. Please do not use any harsh chemicals or other solutions. If you have a better way great, please let us know and if it works, we will send you a free bag. Limited to 3 customers per year.